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We value our patients' experience at Back To Basics. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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"With all the chiropractors available today, I have found the most satisfying and enjoyable experiences at the offices of Dr. Sebastian Salomone! Dr. Salomone not only provides the quality care needed to nurture and support my back and spine, but he also takes the time to help me better understand my own unique body and how best to take care of it. I enjoy his services, his teachings, and his personal care and support very much - and will certainly be a customer for life!"

"1.5 months after a crossfit-related injury, Dr. Blanchet has me well enough to be lifting again! Dr. Blanchet + the wonderful massage therapists (Myah & Taahira) have taken the time to find out what the root of my pains (that ultimately led up to the injury) were and I can't thank them enough!"

"If I could give 10 stars I would! Dr. Salomone is a genius that really cares about what he is doing. When I first started seeing Dr. Salomone I was in college and I had started experiencing chest pains like a stabbing and it was hard for me to breathe. I went to the regular doctor and they said I was just stressed and recommended I take muscle relaxers and "happy pills"! I said no thanks and went to a chiropractor. He adjusted me and I felt the same. Then someone at work recommended Dr. Salomone. He was the only one of the medical professionals that took the time to figure out that my ribs were popping out of place . He popped them back in and now I can breathe easy! Now everyone I care about I send to Dr. Salomone! My mom, my cousin, my sister when she's in town. My grumpy 87 year old grandpa went and even admitted that it helped him! Now that's a testimony! I honestly could not live with out my chiropractor! ( and my mom says that the messages are amazing too!)"

"I started going to Back to Basics after being referred by a friend. I met with Dr. Blanchet and she seemed very concerned about my back problems and wanted to find a solution and help the pain. After going for a couple of months now I can say my back feels so much better. After the first adjustment my pain went down significantly. I have also been having graston performed and can tell a difference in how my muscles feel. I would highly recommend Back to Basics as the doctors are very good and care about helping their patients feel better."

"Dr. Salomone is the best!  I have been living with a pin in my back since a car accident in 1971, and have visited many chiropractors since 1981 to deal with the discomfort of my back "popping out" fairly often.  I have had hip and knee problems and the ribs popping out which makes it painful to breathe....and my neck is another story.  Since I have found Dr. Salomone, I have been feeling ever so much better and I know the value of a weekly visit to get myself adjusted.  He is a great guy and he runs a professional office.  The staff is very friendly and his massage therapist is wonderful!  I highly recommend their services."

"I love Back to Basics!! Don't let Dr. Charlotte's small frame fool you...she is mighty! She's so sweet and gentle. My back, hips and legs have never felt better. And Ms. Michelle at the front desk is ever pleasant. Trust me... you'll love it here."

"I have been seeking chiropractic care for over 15 years and I have finally found the best. I started seeing Dr. Salomone about 4 months ago and he has completely given me my life back! I went to him in severe pain, unable to stand up straight, unable to sit in any position for more than 5 minutes, and unable to carry on my normal life activities. He put me on a recovery plan and it has worked miracles. Within 2 weeks I was feeling relief and within 2 months I was able to move to a maintenance program. That is what I like most about Back to Basics, they truly care about you as an individual more than the dollars in their pockets. They get you to a maintenance plan as quickly as possible and give you exercises to do at home to keep you on track and seeing them as little as possible. I highly recommend Back to Basics and Dr. Salomone to anyone in chronic pain! You will be amazed at the results."


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