Sports Rehabilitation

Sports at a competitive level involve pushing the body to perform well above normal expectations as well as being better than other players striving for the same goals. At some point, however, no matter how well-developed the body becomes, injuries might happen. When they do, they might be more serious than a simple sprain. We at Back to Basics in Atlanta, GA, are here to help. We also serve Midtown, GA, Buckhead, GA, Smyrna, GA, and West Midtown, GA.


Sports Injury

Medical response to sports injuries might be stabilization of the immediate situation and letting the body heal itself. However, the body on its own might take a long and painful time to heal. Fortunately, there are ways the might potentially help that body to recover faster and with less pain. This might be done by helping to remove obstacles in a persons life that might be hindering the patient’s progress.

Sports Injury Treatment and Long-Term Strategies

Long-term rehabilitation is a possible situation for serious sports injuries, especially those that require rebuilding strength and capacity again. It is not possible to expect the body to just restore things back to the way they were just before the injury occurred immediately. Atrophy, for example, occurs on muscle tissue as soon as it is not being worked regularly, a potential side effect when one gets laid up due to a sports injury, related surgery, and recovery time.

A Chiropractor Approach to Sports Injury Treatment

A sports injury chiropractor picks up where a generic medical response drops off. A chiropractor use a holistic picture of a patient’s health, including medical history and what led up to the given injury. A sports injury chiropractor on our chiropractic might focus on the types of injuries the activity is prone to create. We can then applies a long-term rehabilitation strategy that doesn't just seek to help  provide immediate pain, instead it seeks to help an athlete back up to original performance levels or close to them again.

Get Sports Injury Treatment from a Sports Injury Chiropractor in Atlanta, GA

We at Back to Basics are a provider of sports-oriented chiropractic treatment for sports injuries and similar. Our team can provide the skill and knowledge that might be needed to help promote healing, preserve flexibility, restore mobility, and help with restoration of capacity and strength resources again in body motion. Call us today and schedule and appointment. Don't let bad care be the reason you get sidelined after a sports injury. Call us at (404) 351-1800 for more information. We also serve Midtown, GA, Buckhead, GA, Smyrna, GA, and West Midtown, GA.


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