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Are you looking for a chiropractor with a gentle, and corrective approach? Our Back to Basics wellness center provides holistic care for patients with back pain requiring an extra touch of gentleness: children in need of pediatric chiropractors, expectant mothers in need of prenatal chiropractors, and those in need of sports injury treatment so they can get back onto the field or court. 

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We at Back to Basics can provide space and time for you to discover or rediscover wellness and techniques, strategies, and lifestyle changes to complement your existing health regimen. As a way to focus on wellness, we'll help you integrate your health improvement journey with the rest of your busy life and obligations. We serve the areas of Atlanta, GA, Midtown, GA, Buckhead, GA, Smyrna, GA, West Midtown, GA, and the surrounding areas.

Prenatal Chiropractors Available

As part of our commitment to providing care, we also have prenatal chiropractic services. Prenatal chiropractors require a special understanding of the strain pregnancy puts on the body, as well as the tenderness it can cause. Pregnancy isn't without other stress, too: the rearrangement of lives to complement the new baby -- and even the positive stress of welcoming a new family member can manifest in the body. 

Pediatric Chiropractors

It takes a certain disposition to work with kids, and our chiropractors at Back to Basics have the patience and care it requires to be pediatric chiropractors. Our specialists can help children articulate their needs, and we do our best to help ensure their health, safety, comfort, and improvement, establishing the foundation for a lifetime of positive wellness habits.

Heal with Sports Injury Treatment

Sports injuries can be more than frustrating: they represent a health setback. However, most sports injuries are temporary, and with time, patience, and precise work, we can help you heal from your sports injury with our sports injury treatment program. As an important part of our wellness center practice, our sports injury treatment allows you to observe the improvements you're making over time. We can help guide you from your injury back to playing on the field once again.

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If you are in need of help recovering from an injury or managing a condition, our chiropractic doctors are here for you. We serve the areas of Atlanta, GA, Midtown, GA, Buckhead, GA, Smyrna, GA, West Midtown, GA, and the surrounding areas. Make an appointment to begin your wellness journey with our chiropractic care. Call us at (404) 351-1800 for Back to Basics. A chiropractor on our team is here to help.


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