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Meet our Massage Therapists

Greg Titus LMT~Lead Therapist



Greg initially became interested in Massage Therapy after receiving chiropractic and massage treatments for a pelvic misalignment. Years later, Greg would witness firsthand the power of Massage after an involvement in an automobile accident. Massage therapy treatments increased the speed of recovery time, increased range of motion, decreased pain and tissue scarring. Greg likes to incorporate stretching and myofascial release in his massages and is looking forward to further learning opportunities to better facilitate wellness for others.

Greg also enjoys playing music, reading, philosophy, and enjoying nature.

Christen Orr LMT


Christen is a therapeutic massage therapist licensed and credentialed in Georgia and Washington state. She graduated from Atlanta school of massage in Chamblee, Georgia where she returns as a guest speaker on sports team massage. Christen practices massage therapy for Back to Basics, as well as, Emory University Swim and Dive in and out of season.

Her mission is to provide therapeutic massage to each client with professionalism and competence to promote healing and maintain wellness. To help her clients achieve their goals, Christen specializes in neuromuscular therapy (NMT), spontaneous muscle release technique (SMRT), muscle energy technique (MET), and cupping. 

When Christen is not in the office, she is teaching on-camera acting, CrossFit, and traveling all of the country.

Tameka Ringer LMT


Tameka is an experienced Licensed Massage Therapist and has been a great team member and mentor at Back to Basics.  In her professional career, she has experienced working with both Chiropractic and Naturopathic Practitioners as well as Day Spa facilities. 

She holds additional certifications in NMT, Orthopedics/Sports, Prenatal, Thai Table, and Medical & Therapeutic Massage to list a few. Tameka enjoys helping others feel better and educating patients about stretching and introducing other Massage Modalities like Cupping, Hot Stones and Chair Massage. She has a vibrant personality and is always looking to get know her clients in order to provide the most tailored care possible. 

 In her spare time Tameka enjoys hiking, reading, bird watching and family life.

Myah Downey LMT


Myah's philosophy likes to think that each person she works on is a teacher, as each session is an opportunity to grow in her understanding of the body, and how to help restore feeling good in it. Her massage style is an intuitive and holistic approach, she uses various modalities and has certifications in NMT, and Thai. She believes true healing only happens in a relaxed state, mind and body, and it is her goal to facilitate that journey with her patients.

Myah has also received exceptional chiropractic care herself and knows firsthand how both therapies working together in really helping people manage and heal faster and continue growing stronger towards a better posture and stronger core.

When she is not helping other, Myah loves helping her own body heal from the demanding aspect of being a massage therapist and loves to spend relaxed time with her family.

Amiee Woods LMT



Practicing massage therapy for 5 years, Amiee has developed a passion, style, and purpose with its technique and benefits. Working with 7,000 plus bodies during her career, she has seen many types of conditions and utilized various modalities to improve them. At Back to Basics, Amiee's goal is to offer patients the best of her experience to bring balance and restoration to their ailments. Most importantly, she wants to help our patients enhance their lifestyles to never return to such pain again.

Amiee received her Georgia license in 2014. She's had the blessing of learning and working with acupuncturist, chiropractors, and other medical professionals. Her education was focused in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which gives her a different perspective at looking at the whole person and how it affects the body.

Massage therapy has taught Amiee a great deal of patience and care. Being detail-oriented, she has found ways to bring alignment to her clients and her own life. She wants to educate every person that gets on her table the true benefits of what this therapy can do. It is vast in its techniques and has a unique modality to meet various conditions. 

Mariesha Watters LMT


Mariesha graduated from massage therapy school in Colombus, OH in 1999. She has had a wealth of hands on knowledge and experience with a diverse range of clients while working in the health, spa and sports industries. Mariesha has also taught clinical reasoning/deep tissue skills and kinesiology in the field of massage therapy in Lexington, KY for 13 years. She enjoys looking at the client's health as a multi-disciplinary approach with the body as a whole, mind/body.

Mariesha specializes in clinic therapies like myofascial, trigger point, neuromuscular, sports oncology, prenatal and is very detail oriented.

Since she recently moved to the area, Mariesha has been slowly settling in and spends her free time getting familiar with beautiful Atlanta and its suburbs.

Drayton Robertson LMT


Drayton has not always been a Massage Therapist, but he grew up in the health and wellness industry and has always known that he had a gift for helping others. His knowledge of the body and his athletic background make him a well-rounded therapist and his ambition is to become a world traveling therapist.  

When he isn't doing massage therapy, Drayton works to become a better person both physically and mentally.  Drayton also loves technology and is currently studying to become a drone pilot for commercial real estate.

Kristin Cooper LMT


Kristin was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. At a very young age she found herself drawn towards helping other and she quickly realized how massage therapy could help her achieve that.

Kristin is a passionate healer and graduated in 2017 from the Atlanta School of Massage. She holds certifications In Pre-Natal massage, Thai massage and Bodywork Neuromuscular Therapy Sports massage. With a strong desire to learn more how to help others, Kristin fully enjoys taking seminars to perfect her skills and learn new ways to help people. Having an athletic background helps her a lot in being familiar with muscle  groups, biomechanics and stretching,  helping her every day in her massage practice.

When she is not caring for others, Kristin enjoy spending time with her son and going to the gym.

 Dorian Miller LMT


Dorian is a licensed massage therapist from Atlanta, GA. She specializes in therapeutic massage services and is certified in a variety of modalities including: Deep Tissue/NMT, Swedish, Sports Massage, Body Treatments, and Prenatal Massage Services. 

Dorian has been a therapist for six years. She enjoys helping her clients to experience relaxation, and she wants each person to have a great experience.




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