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Welcome to BACK to BASICS,

Where our focus is your wellness based on a strong posture and a balanced spine.

We are working to eliminate back pain, neck pain,  headaches, tension and stress out of your daily routine. Located in Atlanta West Midtown district, off I-75 and Northside drive, a few minutes north of downtown.

How often do you look at yourself in a mirror and notice your shoulders are not level? Have you ever have to buy a new pair of shoes because of the uneven wear of the soles? Do your family pictures seem to always show you with the same head tilt? These are only a few of all the signs that indicate a weak posture and poor biomechanics, which can lead to your traditional Headaches, Neck Pain, Shoulder Tension or Low Back Spasms.

BACK to BASICS specializes in detecting spinal imbalances that lead to weak muscle tone and uneven posture in order to prevent further symptoms. Whether you are in pain or simply care about your overall wellness and posture, the doctors have been helping of all sorts of patients. From your regular low back discomfort, to looking for relief or to reach your goal as an athlete interested in better performance, faster healing and prevention of injuries.

The technology used at BACK to BASICS associated with the knowledge and experience of the staff will help you receive the best care possible to treat daily life, work and sports related problems. The latest software programs also help us continue our great working relationships with lawyers and insurance companies.

Take some time to explore this website, contact us if you have any questions and come back regularly for updates and new information. We are looking forward to having you come into our office and getting to know.

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It's Your Life... Live it in Health!

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Meet our Doctors

These are the staff that make things happen

  • Dr.
    Sebastien Salomone

    Dr. Sebastien Salomone discovered chiropractic in France at the age of 12 years old. Very active and playing competitive soccer he suffered an injury that kept him off the field for months. Upon return, chronic lower back pain kept him away from his favorite sports. Physical Therapy and regular medical treatment did not help for weeks until his dad finally took him to the town's chiropractor. In one session he immediately felt better than he had in months. There was the spark. To be able to free people from pain simply with your hands became a goal that took over 10 years to achieve.

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  • Dr.
    Charlotte Blanchet

    Dr. Blanchet was first introduced to Chiropractic by a friend of her father during her junior year in High school.  The first concept that drew her attention to Chiropractic was the concept of Innate Intelligence.  She strongly believes in the concept that the body heals itself and self-regulates.  It is extremely important to her that her patients understand that they hold the power and that the healing is done inside of them.  She also believes that a balanced healthy diet, proper physical exercise, positive mental attitude and chiropractic adjustments are essential to a proactive lifestyle and to her patient’s health.  Chiropractic care does not end with an adjustment, it is more than that. Chiropractic is a way of life; for her, it is the only way of life.  Being a chiropractor means everything to Dr. Blanchet.  It means that she gets to wake up every morning doing what she loves.

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  • Dr.
    Robert Bartz

    Dr. Robert Bartz was first introduced to Chiropractic when his little sister suffered her second ACL tear within one year. Struggling with her rehab and being frustrated with her progress, she was taken to a Chiropractor to help with her rehab. That is where Robby first experienced Chiropractic and was immediately intrigued by the philosophy and science of chiropractic. He was drawn not only to how it helps people but can also improve human function and help all ages and ranges of patients.  At the time of his sister's injury, Robby was studying Exercise Science in undergrad with the intention of going to physical therapy school, he changed course to go to pursue a career in Chiropractic. After seeing the improvement it made for his sister, Robby wanted to be able to help people in the same way.

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